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Working the Web to Win Cover
Carl Weiss & Hector Cisneros have both written a number of books. As such, they recognized the fact that digital marketing of books was not all that it was cracked up to be. So they decided to do something about it.

The inspiration for the idea came from their experience with Working the Web to Win. Their book, published in 2013, was just the start. To promote it they decided to start a weekly radio show and YouTube series of the same name.

Currently their blog and shows are read, heard and listened to by 40,000-60,000 people per month.

The Show Must Go On

  • GBO Blog

    Our weekly blog showcases authors, publishers, writing and publishing tehnology, along with other topics of interest to readers and authors alike

  • Blog Talk Radio

    Are you oneo those people that prefer to listen to books rather than read them? No problem! Our weekly radio show, broadcast every Thursdday from 4:00-4:30 pm Eastern, covers the same material presented in our blog and then some. More importantly, since this is a live broadcast, listeners have an opportunity to call-in with questions to our guests and moderators.

  • Our YouTube Series

    We also shoot and post every episode of our radio show on YouTube. If you like to watch, it's as easy as point and click.

The Interactive Author Portal

Whether you are a reader or an author, GoodBooks Online offers a fully interactive interface that is unique to the industry.

Where else can you see, hear and read information by authors of every stripe. Included on GBO is everything from book blurbs and sample chapters, to guest blogs written by participating authors. Even better, when was the last time you had a chance to interface with your favorite author live? Our GoodBooks Online radio show, broadcast live every Thursday, gives our members the opportunity to talk to authors live.

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Our Dream Team

Carl Weiss Head Shot
Carl Weiss

Carl has written five books. He is also one of the best online marketers in the business. If you are looking to create or promote a website for your books, Carl can help.

Hector Cisneros Head Shot
Hector Cisneros

Known in social networking circles as "Hector the Connector," his true passion is social networking. His award-winning system can help any author grow and engage an audience via their social networks.

Danny Murphy Head shot
Danny Murphy

Besides being a first class blogger and book editor, Danny has also written a book that details his stint as a stand up comedian. One thing for sure is that it's never a dull moment working with Danny.

Dan Lamparelli Head shot
Dan Lamparelli

Graphic Artist Daniel Lamparelli can give your books eye appeal by designing cover art that draws readers in for a closer look. Dan can also create graphics that will make your website more appealing as well.

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