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Jay Mouton

  • Jay Mouton has been writing ever since he can remember. He believes his love for writing to be the result of a DNA combination between his father's love of Louisiana bayou country, and his mother's creative mind. Jay has published numerous works in national literary magazines, as well as hundreds of music reviews on various musical artists. His most recent publications include works in Ellipsis, The Reston Review, Chattanoogan.com and the Tennessee English Journal, . Jay is currently at work on his sixth novel, and spends his free moments on the sands of numerous Floridian Beaches

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Book Blurb

The novel follows the events that transpire beginning on Election Day, 2016 as college English Professor Elliot Leader of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, having just completed his civic duty of placing his vote, arrives home to watch the election coverage. Before the evening ends, the programing is interrupted by a Department of Homeland Security announcement that New York City has just experienced the detonation of a nuclear device.

The good professor, his neighbor (a retired U.S. Army Ranger), an ex-student, and the student’s girlfriend are soon caught up in a quickly escalating nightmare of terrorist actions that threaten not only their survival, but the very survival of the United States of America. Before the week’s end, the citizens of the United States will witness the collapse of their country at the hands of terrorists. The terrorists may not be acting alone; the true horror is yet to come. The shocking political implications alone will never allow readers to look at another presidential election the same again.

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