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Raven Delahanty

  • I have been razing wolfs and wolf hybrids for 30 years. I am a single mother of 3 and have had a ball watching them grow. I live life to the fullest with no regrets. I believe you should just do what make you happy as long as it dues not hurt any one .My favorite time is game night, were me and my children play bored game and throw things at one another, the laughter fills the house as the wolfs howl. it is ridicules but so much fun. even now that they are gown up we still play

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Two years after "The Last White Wolf" in "A Wolf for Samantha",it tells the story of Samantha and her fight for the men she love and the people she would die for, she go's all the way to the Carpathian mountains for peace and quiet only to find hot and sexy werewolf .As well as two small boy's that need her, Samantha is burned out from years of healing others, she needs a vacation away from everyone. Thinking she is the only Lycan there, she lets her guard down and falls hard for a god-like warrior who shows her the meaning of desire. Unexpectedly, tragedy forces her into the arms of a Direwolf and she must find a way to bring them together.

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