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Authors are always looking to generate reviews for their books. GBO offers FREE reviews and much more.

That's one of the ways that GoodBooks Online can help authors promote their work. As part of the system we use to actively grow our readership, members are asked if they are interested in reviewing books. Those who say yes are given a free eBook from time to time, with the understanding that they are required to read it and review it if they hope to receive another freebie in the future. Some members are eager to participate in this program since it gives them the opportunity to be part of the process by which we choose titles. For authors, it's a terrific way to generate reviews without spending a dime.

Here's All it Takes

  • Registration

    Our author registration program is fast and FREE. Simply fill out the form at lower right to get started. Other than providing a free copy of your book, there is no other obligation to join. (We never share or sell your information with third parties.)

  • Acceptance

    A member of the GBO staff will contact you to get you started. Then we will read read your eBook to see if it fits our criteria. Last but not least, you will be contacted to let you know our decision.

  • Promotion

    Aside from having the opportunity to generate free reviews, qualified authors will also be given a free splash page, as well as an invitation to be interviewed in an upcoming episode of our live radio show. They may also submit a guest blog to us for inclusiom on our Good Books Blog

For Authors, By Authors

GoodBooks Online was designed with authors in mind.

That's because the publishers of GBO are authors like you. After writing 8 books, Carl Weiss & Hector Cisneros were tired of mostly giving away their work, so they decided to do something about it. Hosts of the online radio show, Working the Web to Win, they realized the same technology used to benerate more than a million followers on their blog, radio show and YouTube channel could also be used to power an online portal for authors.

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Our Dream Team

Carl Weiss Head Shot
Carl Weiss

Carl has written five books. He is also one of the best online marketers in the business. If you are looking to create or promote a website for your books, Carl can help.

Hector Cisneros Head Shot
Hector Cisneros

Known in social networking circles as "Hector the Connector," his true passion is social networking. His award-winning system can help any author grow, engage and sell to their social networks.

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Danny Murphy

Besides being a first class blogger and book editor, Danny has also written a book that deatils his stint as a stand up comedian. One thing for sure is that it's never a dull moment working with Danny.

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