Did You Know?

304,912 books were published in the US in 2013 alone. That's more than 800 titles per day! To put that figure into perspective, the average public library contains 13,987 books.
Is it any wonder that the majority of authors get lost in the herd and wind up making little or no profit on their self-publishing efforts?

At GoodBooks Online we have brought together a multi-media approach to book promotion that includes much more than a blurb, a cover and a title. Using a combination of proven online technologies, we give our members the kind of access to authors that has never before been brought together under one roof. Aside from providing the usual printed information about authors and their books, GBO produces weekly video interviews that let authors tell their story in their own words on our YouTube series. Then we take it one step further by providing interactive access to authors every week on our live radio show. If you really want to get to know the inner workings of an author's mind, as well as what went into writing their latest book, this Is It!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to become a member?
Whether you're a reader looking for good books, or you're an author looking for readers, it costs you nothing to join.
What benefits will I receive with my free membership?
Readers receive a free e-book when they join. They also receive our weekly GoodBooks newsletter that keeps them abreast of the authors of the month. Last but not least, members receive the phone number for our weekly radio show that allows them to call-in live with questions for our guests.

Qualified authors receive inclusion on the homepage of GBO for one month. They also receive an interview on both our radio & YouTube shows, along with a free landing page. There are also guest blogging opportunities and we can even generate free book reviews and sell your books upon request.

How do you make money if you give away memberships?
GoodBooks Online is owned and operated by W Squared Media Group LLC, which is an online marketin agency. Our Writer's Stuff department offers paid services for authors, including Book Cover Design, Proofreading, Press Releases, Website Design & Marketing, Blog Distribution, Social Network Growth and Video Production.
How much will you charge me to sell my books on GBO?
We charge 25% of the cover price. You set the price. If the book sold is a hardcopy, we will also collect shipping & handlng for you.
How much do you charge to generate reviews of my book?
We charge qualified authors nothing to produce reviews. However, we do require the author to provide free copies of their e-books to give to readers who have signed up to post reviews. The amount of reviews is only limited by the amount of free e-books you provide There is no minimum required.
What is your definition of a "qualified author?"
The management of W Squared Media Group reserves the right to refuse to promote any book. Furthermore a "book" has to bave a minimum of 60 pages in order to qualify.