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Danny Murphy

  • Danny is a writer and humorist from
    Jacksonville, FL. As a stand-up comedian, he performed in venues from nightclubs to churches. He won several joke contests, including Comedy Central's Don't Quit Your Day Job Contest and the late Percy Ross’s Day Late and a Dollar Short Contest. Most recently, Danny kicked off his campaign to Make America Laugh Again as a candidate for the United States’ House of Representatives.

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Humor 101 is a self improvement guide for people who want to tell jokes effectively. You may be a public speaker seeking to improve your Likeability Quotient (LQ) during your opening. You may be a manager or business owner who occasionally has to make a presentation. You may have dreamed of being a standup comedian, like most people, but never found a way to work it out. Or you may just want to get better at telling jokes because you know there’s something very funny deep inside you that’s going to die a tragic death if you don’t figure out how to set it free. Humor 101 will help.

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