Journey to Ohmani Book Cover
The Asteroid Ohmani has been developed as a port between planet earth and the outer reaches of the solar system.

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Ashley L. Grapes

  • I am the ultimate nerd. I wanted to pursue science as a career for as long as I can remember. Stemming from curiosity came this field in which answers are sought through imagination, innovation, and intellect. It requires creative thinking, quantitative reasoning, and avid questioning. Why would anyone not want to become a scientist? Four degrees later, I realized my calling by teaching science. I could not be in a better place right now to pass along what I have learned through my books.

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Book Blurb

In the near future, earth has been saved from absolute destruction by an alien race known as the Midaki. The gargantuan asteroid that was sure to hit Earth, named Ohmani, was placed at L5 and hollowed out for colonization. Over time, Ohmani has been developed as a mandatory port of customs between planet earth and the outer reaches of the void with intergalactic travel now a reality. Many years after The Great Rescue, Levi Avondale is living happy and carefree with his spitfire grandmother and single mother, Axella, in a small tourist destination near the beach - until their lives are forever changed. Axella's long-time best friend and coworker is brutally murdered at the hotel she works at as a maid. Torn with memories and mourning, she asks for a reassignment. To Levi's dismay, being stuck in his teenager ways, this relocation is granted. The Avondales must move from the sun and surf to one of the most progressive and culturally-rich cities in the galaxy - Ohmani. Levi soon discovers that the death they left behind seems to have followed them to Ohmani. The learning curve is incredibly high, but his family's life depends on him solving the mystery of violence that seems to follow the Avondale's wherever they go.

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