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If you think that buying insurance, even from a top-rated insurance company, means you are covered - THIMK AGAIN!.

Mark Goldwich

  • After 17 years with one of the largest insurers of homes and autos in Florida and the nation, Mark decided to put his decades of insurance experience to work for insurance victim, starting Gold Star Adjusters in 2004. Gold Star has delivered settlements averaging 400% higher than the amounts initially paid by insurance companies! Gold Star Adjusters is Northeast Florida’s largest and fastest growing public adjusting firm, now with 11 licensed and bonded public insurance professionals in 3 states, committed to recovering everything owed to its policyholders

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For every natural disaster involving claims with an insurance company, there are thousands of man-made disasters that devastate businesses and homeowners. Maybe this is your first or second claim. It's the insurance company's million and first claim this year. There are three things that the insurance companies don't want you to know after a disaster: They can delay you with one runaround after another. They can deny coverage for all or part of the claim. They can deflect responsibility to avoid paying you. If you want to get every red cent that your policy entitles you to then you need to read my book.

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