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When it comes to promoting your book(s) online, do you have the tools necessary to grow, engage and convert an audience of readers?

If you're looking to maximize your results online, you need to understand how te web really works. Every author today is trying to take advantage of the leverage that the internet provides. This process is made more complicated since Web 2.0 has a lot of moving parts. Being found online means that you need to provide a content-rich environment that relies on much more than a website. It also requires such elements as blogs, social nets and even video if you are looking to prevail on the Internet.

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    Before you spend time and money creating a billboard in the desert that nobody but your friends and family will ever find online, don't you think you owe it to yourself to create an online marketing plan that has a high probability of success?

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    Interested in generating free exposure for yourself, your website and your book? We can help. Our weekly GoodBooks.Online YouTube series is created to showcase and promote authors in a BIG way. Better still, being a guest on our show won't cost you one red cent.

It Takes a Team to Succeed Online

We wrote the book on Internet marketing.

For the past 25 years, Carl Weiss and his team have been helping companies and individuals succeed online. If the Internet is vital to your success, you need to work with an agency that not only specializes in every form of online marketing under the sun, but one that also Guarantees Online Results. In short you need to start Working the Web to Win.

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Our Dream Team

Carl Weiss Head Shot
Carl Weiss

Carl has written five books. He is also one of the best online marketers in the business. If you are looking to create or promote a website for your books, Carl can help.

Hector Cisneros Head Shot
Hector Cisneros

Known in social networking circles as "Hector the Connector," his true passion is social networking. His award-winning system can help any author grow and engage an audience via their social networks.

Danny Murphy Head shot
Danny Murphy

Besides being a first class blogger and book editor, Danny has also written a book that details his stint as a stand up comedian. One thing for sure is that it's never a dull moment working with Danny.

Danie Lamparelli
Daniel Lamparelli

Graphic Artist Daniel Lamparelli can give your books eye appeal by designing cover art that draws readers in for a closer look. Dan can also create graphics that will make your website more appealing as well.