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Hector & Carl

  • Hector Cisneros is an online marketing professional who got his start working on the Arpanet. He has more than 25 years of online marketing experience.

    Carl Weiss is a former professional blackjack player who uses the same mathematical principals to beat the search engines that he used for more than 20 years to beat the casinos.

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Working the Web to Win is not a game for wimps. It takes guts, determination, brains, brawn and staying power to succeed online. We're not talking sadlot ball. With billions of dollars at stake for the victors, this is the kind of no-holds barred game that's played on a worldwide basis. It's also a gold mine for those who know how to PLAY TO WIN!

Social media has seen radical changes ofer the last three years. The impact of social nets, blogging and online video has altered the face of organic search engin ranking as we knew it. These changes coupled with and online reputation management have become game changers for businesses large and small. Our book not only tells you where these emerging online marketing trends have come from, we also show you where they are heading and what you can do to bulletproof your web presence.

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