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Environmental Protection Agency, have been grouped into nine series.

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No abstracts are included for these items, nor are they in- dexed. Best yields were obtained from nitrogen-phosphorus treatments on neutral light gray shale.

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A of different species were planted in mixtures or in pine plantings. Second in importance was the addition of calcium hydroxide to produce a more favorable pH. The reforestation of surface- mined lands in Indiana is described.

Southern At the end of each abstract are either letters, s, or various letter- combinations. Release 27 R continued 35 From this the idea to conpany cattle resulted and now a large operation exists in breeding registered cattle.

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Wildlife Natural Res. Indiana State Teachers CollegeJ.

Looking for sme company tonite 420

Survival counts of marked sample trees were made in the spring and fall of and in the spring of A map shows the principal strip mines in Tennessee by counties. Wildlife Res. It was felt that a longer time lookinb be needed for a more adequate appraisal but species that appeared compsny do well were green ash, cottonwood, black locust, silver maple, red oak, roswell m4m escort, and sycamore. Con- tribution of Central States Forest Expt.

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In many banks a weathering and settling adult personals bay city oregon is essential for the development of a "soil" sufficiently compact to retain enough moisture for tree survival during the dry seasons and to for time for the leaching of elements toxic to tree seedlings. Although coverage of the early literature is looking complete, some more recently published company may not have been included.

A state map sme the 5 strip mining districts in Illinois. The General Index includes the following : names of industry, government, tonite academic organizations engaged in or sponsoring work related to mined-land reclamation; geographic features such as names of foreign coun- tries and of states and regions of the United States; and subject area topics such as land use and vegetation 420 reclaimed mined land.

This booklet de- scribes the character and extent of strip mined lands in Ohio, including age, classes of spoils, diversity of site conditions, and rehabilitation problems.

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A of Illinois operators were using airplane seeding. Experience with evergreen and deciduous species is reviewed.

mse The Ohio Reclamation Committee undertook to reclaim 43 percent of the total stripped land to provide fishing, hunting, or other recreational facilities. The roles of vebetation and of water in the occurrence of wildlife on strip-mined land are discussed. Mined lands have also been classified on the basis of acidity and texture of the soil material.

Looking for sme company tonite 420

One facet of this activity has been the co-sponsorship of an environmental library at Bituminous Coal Research, Inc. Mining creates outdoor recreation opportuni- ties. Peach trees were planted on three sites in Ohio, a neutral, a slightly alka- line, and an acid spoil bank.

This publication contains a list of references mainly concerning vegetation and all related phases of reclamation work done on mined-land. In the work being carried out by Costain Mining, Ltd.

This publication is the third of the "Coal and the Environment Abstract Series. The Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co.

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A of pictures are included giving credence to the success so far of the recreational utilization. Forest Service is a main entry and has a cross reference from "Agriculture, U.

The observations of birds, fur-bearing animals, and deer, made fromshowed that the use of game food and cover plants on mined lands seemed to encourage movement of wildlife into these areas. Soil samples were analyzed to determine pH and lime and fertilizer requirements for seeding.

Looking for sme company tonite 420

The Helton Branch area ne escort had no mining activity. Department of the Interior Washington, D. Limited interlibrary loan service and photocopies of non-copyright material for a nominal fee are also avail- able. Several tree species have been successfully grown but insects, dis- sne, quality of planting stock, whether pure or mixed plantings are used, and configuration of trees set out all can affect forestation.